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Eco-Friendly Hotel

Low enthalpy geothermal energy is a fully renewable energy source. Part of this energy comes from the interior of the earth and part of the energy that the sun stores on the surface of the earth.
The Casa Anamaria hotel installation consists of a vertical geothermal collector that is responsible for capturing this energy. It is made up of a total of 16 vertical perforations of 100 meters each.
The energy captured by this collector is subsequently used by the 3 geothermal heat pumps. The geothermal collector temperature is around 16ºC and the heat pumps will increase its temperature to 45ºC to satisfy the needs of the heating system, spa, swimming pool and up to 55ºC for DHW production. Only a small part of electrical energy is necessary to carry out this whole process.

In the case of cooling production, the system is reversed, the heat pumps will absorb energy from the hotel to cool it down. This captured heat will be used to heat the DHW, spa, pool, or sent as excess energy to the geothermal collector. The collector acts as an energy store, in winter energy is absorbed from it to cover heating needs, and in summer the excess heat from the hotel is injected into it.
The yields of geothermal systems are high, usually higher than 400%. To cover 100% of the hotel’s energy demand, 20..25% of the electrical network is used and 75..80% comes free of charge from the geothermal collector. Geothermal systems guarantee 100% of the air conditioning needs.

Sustainable Gardens

Casa Anamaria has more than 60 hectares of agricultural and forest land, of which 22,000 square meters correspond to its gardens, which are undoubtedly one of the great attractions of our hotel. All this conjunction of plants, trees, flowers and grass, require a great effort and maintenance. The absolute priority is disease prevention, known as Integrated Control of Phytopathologies. This means that, if our plants and trees are healthy, they do not require any chemical product for their maintenance. Equally important are the following actions we take:

  • Use of fertilizers with an ecological certificate.

  • Use of electric tools instead of using tools that work with fossil fuels.

  • Collection of rainwater for reuse for irrigation

Eco-friendly Room Toiletries

All single-use soaps and creams in the rooms have been replaced by dispensers with an ecopump dispenser, D-Rocio, reducing the generation of plastic waste by between 70 and 80%. In addition, the gels and creams are also Eco-Friendly.
The rest of the products are also made with recycled and recyclable materials.

Organic filtered water

Our restaurant and bar have a filtered water system from the Arctic Water company.
This system uses innovative and sustainable procedures, which are based on treating the water through filtration systems in order to eliminate substances and elements such as: heavy metals, excess rooms, microorganisms, tastes, odors or other substances that are harmful to our Health. In this way, mains water becomes a high-quality gourmet product: totally clean, ecological and sustainable water.
With this system we also managed to eliminate all the plastic water bottles consumed by both our clients and our staff.

Electric Car Charger

We have a faster 22 KW Porsche electric charger, compatible with all electric cars. In order to use it, it is necessary to download the “Iberdrola Away from Home Recharge” App.
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Gastronomy With Products of Own Cultivation and Proximity

The Casa Anamaria restaurant has as a priority the use of products that have been generated in the territory, whenever possible, based on the quality of our offer. In addition, we have our own garden where we grow fresh vegetables that are used in seasonal dishes and on our menu.

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