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Besalú, the medieval town

The exceptional Medieval architecture of Besalú makes it one of the top destinations in Catalonia. With its characteristic arches and towers, the Mediaeval Bridge or Old Bridge is the symbol of Besalú and probably the most iconic monument in this county. This fortified construction (the only way into the old quarter) was built in the 11th century and has been restored several times using natural stone from the river Fluvià that flows beneath the bridge. The county of Besalú is listed as a national site of historic-artistic significance. Its streets truly reflect an era when the Jewish and Christian communities lived in harmony.

The old Jewish quarter (El Call), the synagogue and the Jewish baths (Micvé) exist alongside the Monastery of Sant Père, the Church of Sant Martí and the Church of Sant Vicenç, one of the oldest monuments in Besalú (the current building dates from the 12th century, but a part of the structure already existed in 977). Visitors should not forget to visit the old hospital of Sant Julia, the palace of Sant Roma, Calle Tallaferro and Plaza de la Llibertat.

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