It is impossible not to fall in love at first sight with Banyoles, the capital of Pla de l’Estany , near Girona. Its natural lake, which is the largest on the Iberian Peninsula, has always been an integral part of its identity as a medieval town. Without a doubt, this is one of the great attractions for people looking for a hotel in Banyoles or near this Catalan municipality.

Its historic center dates back to the construction of the Benedictine monastery of Sant Esteve , which finally gave birth to the old town in the 9th century. Its natural enclave allowed Banyoles to be an Olympic rowing sub-team at the 1992 Olympic Games and the seat of the World Rowing Championship in 2004. The lake is considered a unique place where geology, ecology, landscapes and culture merge almost magically. .

This privileged natural environment has always had the interest of national and international travelers to spend unforgettable days with family, couple or friends. A full visit to the lake (around 7 km of circular route) takes no more than an hour and a half which will ensure you take full advantage of natural tourism.

During this visit, you will find various mid-19th and early 20th century fisheries which were used by the bourgeoisie for swimming, fishing and storing boats.

People who decide to visit it in summer should know that swimming in the lake is prohibited, except at three authorized sites. And even one of them is free and public, the Fusta stand . Its high landscape and ecological value also gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views.

History lovers will also be able to take their dose during their visit to Banyoles: the Neolithic Draga Park will allow them to discover what life was like over seven thousand years ago in this town located by the lake.

A hotel in Banyoles… Or better near Banyoles

Banyoles is a great place to spend a wonderful day. However, travelers agree to recommend accommodation nearby, rather than in the region itself. The reasons are as follows: being in a place also close to other places of interest, benefiting from more unique services, having access to more comfortable facilities …

The Casa Anamaria, hotel and villas, for example, is less than 20 minutes by car from Banyoles and belongs exactly to a small town which is called Ollers. It is located in a small rural village , so it is a place where tranquility, nature and relaxation are guaranteed. In addition, it also has other inland villages, roads, beaches or tourist spots at a very close distance.

And not only do their benefits stay here. Casa Anamaria has a haute cuisine restaurant, a tennis court, a spa, spectacular rooms, etc. They have no competition in the region.

If you want to spend a special day in Banyoles, but stay in a place that will take your breath away … Don’t think about it! Book at Casa Anamaria and experience a spectacular getaway.