Ideal places to visit in Ollers

Ideal places to visit in Ollers

Are you in Ollers, the urban area closest to the Hotel Casa Anamaria, and you do not know what to visit?

Ollers has many secrets, lots of charm and many places to visit, that's why we give you some of the most beautiful places that will surprise you:

  • The parish church of Saint Martin, is a church that was built in the eighteenth century, Baroque style, and is dedicated to Saint Martin, this is why we can find some beautiful ceramics inside representing it.
  • The hermitage of San Sebastian is a hermitage that is located very close to Ollers, in Vilademuls, and was built during the first half of the seventeenth century. Thanks to its date, it hides a beautiful decoration worthy of being seen.
  • Cross of term is a cross with Renaissance style that is located in an angle of the plaza of Joaquim Mercader since 1991. On its obverse is sculpted the image of Jesus crucified and on the back, that of the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in her arms .
  • Can Bramon, formerly called Can Peralada, located next to the church, the vicarage and the school. It is a typical farmhouse with stone structures and windows in Gothic and Renaissance style.
  • Can Pariente is a farmhouse whose elements look like from the 16th century. Curiously, it was built in front of another farmhouse, with a reduced arch and separated from it by a few centimeters.
  • La Poza Azul, a natural place that, following the path that leads to the Vilert road and then walking along the path, allows us to enjoy this place. We can also visit the Pozas de Can Barca located in Ollers.
  • Route to Ollers Bridge for those walkers. If you want to do some exercise you can do the Route to the Ollers Bridge, with which you can visit for example the cross of the hermitage of Santa Anna de Montornés, the Gitarda fountain or the Ollers bridge and the Anguera river, and Enjoy stunning views. The route consists of about 10 km between the outward and return, is well signposted and the starting point and end point is in the Old Fountain of Barberà de la Conca.
  • Can Motas is also interesting to visit, since it is the old house Llobet de Ollers, which was honored by King Pere III the Ceremonious.
  • And finally, we can not forget our gardens that provide an exceptional tranquility with two hectares of gardens and terraces very well maintained.

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