A romantic getaway on the Costa Brava should go far beyond champagne, oysters and rose petals. A couple weekend must be something special, surprising, passionate and memorable. For this reason, you can not be satisfied with simple destinations that are not out of the ordinary.

The first and most important point is to choose your place of residence. An excellent hotel can exponentially improve your stay, in the same way that a mediocre hotel can dramatically worsen your experience.

Comfort, uniqueness or exclusivity are elements that should define your accommodation. Casa Anamaria, hotel & villas, is one of those places with the ability to surprise and experience a romantic getaway on the Costa Brava from the first minute of your arrival. By its environment, its services, and the natural scenery. It’s a place that does not disappoint.

If you want to know everything a romantic weekend should include, keep reading. We detail some points not to be missed.

5 tips for a romantic getaway on the Costa Brava

  1. A unique environment
    Find one with magic: in a natural environment, surrounded by greenery, forests and fields. Let yourself be seduced by the hotels hidden in unspoiled places, far from any neighborhood, where you will feel a special atmosphere and that you are really in a unique place.
  2. Room equipped
    Large exterior windows with views, king-size and queen-size beds, areas with sofas or armchairs to relax or read, bathrooms with rain shower and bathtubs, WiFi, minibar, Full HD TV … Why settle for less when you can have it all. The Junior Prestige Suite by Casa Anamaria is an uncompromising suite.
  3. A great dinner
    A romantic dinner not to be missed either. Some people are conquered by the pleasures of the palate and only a few restaurants can delight you. For these occasions, we can not settled for anything less than amazing and daring creations delighting the eyes and mouth with products of excellent quality.
  4. Moments of relaxation
    One of the things you are looking for in a romantic getaway for a few days is to enjoy some relaxing moments and make the most of your vacation to get back into the routine with your battery recharged. Our offer of a relaxation package including massage, swimming pool, yoga or pilates can perfectly complete the experience.
  5. Places of charm
    The Costa Brava is full of charming places to stroll or practice any type of tourism: cultural, leisure, sports … away from roads too touristy, hotel offers all the charm and calm conducive to a weekend lovers, while being close to cities and tourist sites.

At Casa Anamaria, we are not only the place chosen for its excellence by thousands of guests, but we also offer exclusive romantic weekend packages to make your experience even easier. Do not wait any longer and book fast!