There are secrets that are not told, only appreciated. But to take advantage of it, better share it with the people who matter most to us. Love always plays a prominent role in February, it is the perfect opportunity to discover the ideal setting: a romantic rural hotel in Girona.

But is it really necessary to wait for Valentine’s Day to experience a romantic getaway? Probably not. Love does not ask for permission, it is not planned, it is not thought. It simply appears: you have to take care of it, nourish it and live it intensely. And for that, it is not all about a date on the calendar.

Casa Anamaria, hotel & villas, is an idyllic place in the heart of Girona that allows you to experience romantic getaways throughout the year. Whether it’s cold or hot, by the sun or the snow, in winter as in summer. The magic of the place becomes the perfect love nest for couples who want to get away from the routine and get together, and connect with nature, while enjoying the services of a luxury hotel at their disposal.

Then, and taking advantage of the fact that nobody is listening to us, we detail some of the secrets that have allowed this patrician house to consolidate itself as one of the best tourist destinations for visitors looking for a romantic experience.


The 5 secrets of Casa Anamaria, a romantic rural hotel in Girona unique

    1. A story to tell . The former Villa Maria farmhouse, now completely renovated and part of the hotel complex, was for a brief period the residence of Pedro IV El Ceremonioso, King of Aragon and Catalonia.
    2. An artistic decor. The hotel is surrounded by two hectares of unique and refined gardens of all splendor, designed by the landscape designer Martirià Figueras. Pure colors.
    3. In complete privacy. Ollers, a typical village belonging to Vilademuls, has 59 inhabitants (2007 data). It is in this setting, surrounded by nature, that Casa Anamaria is located. Tranquility permeates every space of the property.
    4. Eternal memories. The facilities at Casa Anamaria have not only become the ideal place for romantic getaways, but in their most recent history, they have attended the celebration of weddings of all kinds.
    5. Tastes and flavors. The Casa Anamaria restaurant, which offers a culinary offer based on local products, combines tradition and innovation. To not only delight your partner, and share an unrivaled gastronomic experience.


Do you want a romantic experience in a rural hotel that you will never forget? Play in your own “loves story”. Book in less than 5 minutes and celebrate Saint Valentine every day.