What to consider when looking for wedding restaurants in Girona?

After the “I do” start planning the wedding: measure all the details so that the celebration is up to the best day of your life. The Girona lands hide magical places , with majestic nature and very characteristic architecture. For this reason, finding wedding restaurants in Girona is almost mandatory if we want something really special.

Clearly, the first step is to reserve a date for the ceremony and celebration. When the perfect day is over, it’s time to find the perfect place. On this occasion, we will help you choose the restaurant to make the big day a resounding success.

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5 key elements for choosing wedding restaurants in Girona

  1. How will marriage be

You must first choose whether the ceremony will be religious or civil. In the case of being civil, everything can be celebrated in the same space. There are restaurants that offer spaces for the ceremony and the banquet.

For example, Casa Anamaria, hotel & villas, has two hectares of gardens and terraces with a panoramic view of an idyllic landscape with green fields and majestic forests. In this way, whether the marriage is religious or civil, it will be perfect: in the heart of nature, in a very cozy building with very neat decoration.

For the aperitif and the banquet, there are several terraces around the swimming pool, in addition to the interior rooms.

  1. Number of guests

It is essential to know how many guests will attend to find the right place. The comfort of our customers is something that we cannot forget. It can be a more intimate celebration reserved for family and closest friends … or a big wedding, surrounded by a large number of people.

Whatever the estimated number of guests, the advantages of a space that can best adapt to any change, unforeseen or incident must be taken into account.

  1. Quality gastronomy

When choosing the restaurant, there is a determining factor: the quality of the products and their development with the ability to surprise the guests with a menu at the height of the party.

We offer a wedding menu prepared with fresh and local products to create dishes typical of Catalan cuisine. Dishes with persistent flavors combined with the most modern techniques which give an authentic signature cuisine. In addition, all culinary proposals can be combined with a wide and careful selection of wines and champagnes.

  1. The history of the place

There are magical, charming places that you don’t know why, but that make you feel good, in harmony. A good tip is to choose a place steeped in history, a place that is more than a place.

A farm located in a charming renovated village with green gardens, with elegant details and flowers can be a great option. The rustic atmosphere, the idyllic landscapes and a location far from the big cities will create a magnificent microworld for a day.

  1. Required services

There are also certain details that we must take into account so that all the guests can enjoy the celebration and be successful. We talk about intolerance, young children, smokers, reduced mobility, high or low temperatures …

You have to be ready for anything. Therefore, it is better to make sure that the restaurant has everything we need.

If the big day arrives and you haven’t found the perfect restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact Casa Anamaria . The best day of your life awaits you!